Let's face it, the internet's become a dangerous place. That's why we're here. KKoncepts is committed to helping you use the internet, but not let it use you. We offer several services designed to help you safely make use of the internet's potential without the danger.

Secure Email

We offer only secure email hosting. We only transfer emails to and from you over encrypted connections, which means no one can read your mail between us and you. And while we can't control what anyone else on the internet does, we always communicate with other email servers through encrypted connections whenever they allow it.

This means that you can't accidentally send a message that can be read by everyone on the internet. We won't let you. And if your entire email domain is hosted with us, then you know that all communication among its members is secure and private.

Contact us for more information, and we can discuss your needs.

Secure Offsite Backup

The only thing worse than losing all your data after a computer crash is going to the CD where you thought you had everything backed up and discovering that it's been damaged, and you can't read it any more. So we offer "REBU" - a secure remote backup service that let's you keep a copy of all your important data on our servers. So you'll never lose an important document again, because no matter what happens to your computer, you know you've got a copy in your account on our server.

And the "secure" part isn't just about storing your data. Like our secure email, our servers only communicate with your computers across secure connections. So there's no chance of anyone getting a copy of your data as it travels across the internet.

Check out our REBU web site for more information.

Secure Web Hosting

We can help you with everything from simple web design to complex intranet development. Please contact us, and we can discuss with you the best way to meet your needs.

Secure Virtual Machines

Want to run your own server, but worried about having to keep it updated regularly so you don't get hacked? We'll keep all the software up-to-date, and you can run the services you need in confidence. You can have any Operating System you want (as long as it's Linux) and any distribution you want (as long as it's Debian or Ubuntu).

Secure Support

Have a problem with a KKoncepts product? Click here to connect to our remote support site. From here you can securely contact a support representative, and they can connect to your machine (through an encrypted connection, of course) to help you set up our software or diagnose a problem. (Not that our products ever have problems, of course. But theoretically speaking...)

Speaking of support, click here to see the KKoncepts' staff blogs. Find out what we're working on, what's troubling us, what our plans for the future are, etc. If you want to know all our secrets, the KKoncepts blog is the place to go.